[["","Aktive","Einzel-","Staffel-\nmeldungen"],["1. SSV Ingelheim 1966","17","68","0"],["AQUAKIDS","2","14","0"],["DSW 1912 Darmstadt","92","599","10"],["SC Holzland","1","9","0"],["SC Neustadt\/Weinstr.","9","51","0"],["Schwimm-Team Bingerbr\u00fcck","14","56","0"],["SG 1886 Weiterstadt","11","74","0"],["SG EWR Rheinhessen-Mainz","51","365","8"],["SSG SMR 6 (Homburg)","1","6","0"],["VfR Simmern","12","67","0"],["WSV Speyer","18","76","0"],["GESAMT","228","1385","18"]]
[["Anzahl Meldungen","Anzahl Kampfrichter"],["21 bis 40 Meldungen","2 Kampfrichter"],["41 bis 70 Meldungen","3 Kampfrichter"],["71 bis 100 Meldungen","4 Kampfrichter"],["ab 100 Meldungen","4 Kampfrichter"],["",""]]

Office Address

Long Ave­nue 36
New Yer­sey, CA 96120

Pool Address

Mohave Street 7
New Yer­sey, CA 96120

Con­ta­ct Details

Email: learntoswim@office.au
Call us: 252–151-2053

Work Hours

Mon­day-Fri­day: 08:00–20:00
Satur­day-Sunday: 08:00–21:00


Get in Touch With Us

We read each e‑mail and reply wit­hin a maxi­mum of 2 busi­ness days.
Plea­se enter cor­rect e‑mail address so that we can back to you.

[[“1. Platz”,“100 Euro”,””,“”],[“2. Platz”,“50 Euro”,””,“”],[“3. Platz”,“20 Euro”,””,“”]]
We Rock.

Explo­re Classes

Whe­ther you want to intro­du­ce your infant to the water or are an adult loo­king to
learn to swim, we offer a varie­ty of swim­ming clas­ses for all skill levels.

[[“”,“Einzel-”,“Final-”,“Staffelwertung”],[“1. Platz”,“10”,“10”,“30”],[“2. Platz”,“8”,“8”,“24”],[“3. Platz”,“6”,“6”,“18”],[“4. Platz”,“5”,“5”,“15”],[“5. Platz”,“4”,“4”,“12”],[“6. Platz”,“3”,“3”,“9”],[“7. Platz”,“2”,“2”,“6”],[“8. Platz”,“1”,“1”,“3”]]
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